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H2o Tanning & Relaxation Spa
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H2o Tanning & Relaxation Spa

700 Milford Avenue Suite 7 Marysville, OH

Conveniently located in the Community Market Plaza at Milford & Stocksdale Avenues in Marysville, Ohio since 2010. H2O Tanning & Relaxation Spa is a nationally recognized, award winning, Smart Tan salon offering the following services:
Three Awesome Levels of UV Tanning
Custom Air Brush Spray Tans & Anti Aging Treatments            
Norvell Auto Booth Spray Tans
Red Light Skin Rejuvenation
Slim~It Body Wrap
Bleach Bright Professional Teeth Whitening
Waterwave Massage Bed (when it works :( )
And products including:
Tanning Lotions and Products
Skin Care Lotions
Swim Suits
Locally Hand Made Jewelry
and More
Stop in today!

Our hours have changed a bit for the new year.  The weekend hours are a little shorter because we just aren't busy enough to justify the long hours on both weekend days.  We needed to either shorten both days or close on Sunday, and because we have a lot of people who come to us because we are open every day, we decided to shorten both weekend days.  So Saturdays we are now open from 11-7 and Sundays from 12-5.  Don't worry about not being able to tan because of that pesky 24 hour rule.  We've made it a 12 hour rule instead, so you should be able to come in at your pleasure once per day during our open hours.  The only time this might be an issue is if you come in at closing time and get on a wait list, then try to come in right at 9am the next morning.  Otherwise, you won't be bothered by the silly rules anymore.  We are as happy about this as you are!!

So our resolution is to make H2O the friendly, happy, great place to be with a staff you know and love.  We have a great team and resolve to keep it that way throughout 2015.  A great team to make a great place for our great customers to get a great tan and have a great place to come for great fun and great friends.  Isn't 2015 going to be great?!?  Come spend it with us.




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