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H2o Tanning & Relaxation Spa
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Hours of Operation

H2o Tanning & Relaxation Spa

700 Milford Avenue Suite 7 Marysville, OH
Monday - Friday
9:00am - 9:00pm
11:00am - 7:00pm
Noon - 5:00pm

H2o Tanning & Relaxation Spa

700 Milford Avenue Suite 7 Marysville, OH

Conveniently located in the Community Market Plaza at Milford & Stocksdale Avenues in Marysville, Ohio since 2010. H2O Tanning & Relaxation Spa is a nationally recognized, award winning, Smart Tan salon offering the following services:
Three Awesome Levels of UV Tanning
Custom Air Brush Spray Tans & Anti Aging Treatments            
Norvell Auto Booth Spray Tans
Red Light Skin Rejuvenation
Slim~It Body Wrap
Bleach Bright Professional Teeth Whitening
Waterwave Massage Bed (when it works :( )
And products including:
Tanning Lotions and Products
Skin Care Lotions
Swim Suits
Locally Hand Made Jewelry
and More
Stop in today!

UV Tanning requires salon membership.  Please bring your valid State or Federal issued photo identification on your initial visit and allow some extra time for some paperwork.  This is Ohio law and we will not allow anyone to tan in our facility who has not done this.  You may tan no more than once per day indoors.  Please do not "salon hop", if we find out we will not allow you to tan in our facility.

Minors (under 18) must bring a parent on their first (and all subsequent if under 16) visit, or a legal guardian with guardianship papers.  Again, it's the law.  Minors may tan no more than 45 sessions in the 90 day period from the day they start tanning.  Parent must sign consent for minor to tan once every 90 days for 16-17 year olds and EVERY VISIT for those under 16, and for those under 16 parent must remain in the salon during the minor's tan. 

These are the recent state laws as put forth by the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology who regulates and inspects all tanning salons in Ohio, http://cos.ohio.gov & click on TANNING.

LOTIONS:  Your tanning lotion should be replaced at least once per year, this is how long the ingredients are good under normal conditions.  H2O Tanning requires that all lotions not purchased from us be purchased from a professional tanning salon.  We do not allow lotions from Walmart, Sally's, or other big box retailers as many of these have been shown to be damaging to the acrylics.  We also do not allow lotions purchased from the internet in our beds because we have no way of knowing if what is supposed to be in that bottle is actually what is in the bottle.  We've tested a dozen lotions purchased from various internet sites and most were NOT what they claimed to be.  DON'T TAKE CHANCES WITH YOUR SKIN just to save a few dollars!  And please don't take chances with our acrylics.  If you are unsure if your lotion is safe for our acrylics, please ask one of our associates to approve it before using it.  Remember, tanning without lotion is tanning in slow motion - a good lotion is an investment in your tan, and in your healthy skin!




Australian Gold Designer Skin Swedish Beauty
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